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Assoc. Prof. PhD Simeon Krumov
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Tel.: (078) 522612

Research interests and main activities: breeding and cultivar studies of table grapevine cultivars.

Scientific publications (2004-2008):

1. Krumov, S., M. Milenkov., 2005. Agro-climatic characteristics of region Kyustendil concerning its suitability for the development of vine production. National Centre for Agricultural Sciences. Sofia, T. 5, 140-146. (Bg).
2. Krumov, S., 2005. The wine regions in Bulgaria. Yantai fruit, 2005. (in Chinese)
3. Milenkov, М., S. Krumov., 2005. Retrospective analysis of viticulture in the region of Kyustendil. Jornal of mountain agriculture on the Balkans, National Centre for Agricultural Sciences, v. 8, № 5, 698-707.
4. Krumov S. Degree of injury on the main and additional buds of vine cultivars caused by the winter frosts in 2005., 2006. Agricultural Science, year XXXIX, № 4, 49-53. (Bg).
5. Krumov, S., М. Milenkov., 2007. Characterization in late spring frosts and early autumn frost in Kyustendil area and theirs effects over viticulture in this region. Sciences conference with international participation IVE – Pleven, 29-30.08.2007, 92-97. (Bg).

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