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Organization Structure of the Institute of Agriculture - Kyustendil

According to the Structural Regulations since 2008 the Institute of Agriculture has scientific staff consisting of 23 research associates who are classified in four departments: ‘Breeding, cultivar studies and reproduction of fruit trees’; ‘Agrotechnology, Physiology and Economics’; ‘Plant protection’ and   ‘Berry Breeding and Technologies’.
The research program includes the implementation of twelve research projects and three contracts for bilateral scientific-technical collaboration. A bureau for extension services and marketing along with its available staff is established. A library and informative centre work. The total number of the budget employees is seventy.
The Institute of Agriculture - Kyustendil is accredited by the National Evaluation and Accreditation Agency, Sofia for training in educational and scientific and scientific degree “Doctor” in scientific specialities: 04.01.05 - Breeding and Seed production of cultivars and 04.01.15 - Fruit growing.


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